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4's & 5's Learning Goals

All learning objectives are based on the Texas Pre-K Guidelines 

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Multiple curriculum's are used but our primary source being the Abraham Learning People

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Examples of some of the things your child will learn:

Personal Information

                Full name

                Parent’s names



                Family composition


Phonological Awareness


                Beginning and ending sounds

                Letters make sound, letters make words, and words make sentences


Book knowledge

                Author and Illustrator who they are and what they do

                Parts of the book cover, spine, back, pages

                Reading 21 sight words

                Reading color words (ex pink, green)

                Putting sight words into practice and reading simple books

                Retell/dictate and predict stories

                Plot, setting, characters

                Recognize words and spaces in sentences.

                Reading/recognizing ending punctuation and what it means


Alphabet knowledge

                Recognize capital and lower case letters

                Know the sound of all the letters


Early writing

                All letters upper and lower case

                First Name

                Last Name

                Sight words

                Color words

                Understands that writing is a form of communication

                Experiments with different writing tools and materials

                Represents stories and experience



                Color- black, brown, grey, white, purple, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange

                Less and more

                Basic addition and subtraction

                Counting to 100

                Recognizing 1-29

                Shapes- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, star, hexagon, octagon, oval, heart,    pentagon, and trapezoid

                Graphs and concepts of measurement


                Express ideas

                Learn creativity and imagination




                Understand the four seasons

                Collect and record information

                Cause and effect

                Color Mixing

                Life cycle Butterfly

                Days of the week months of the year



                Exhibits beginning listening sounds

                Follows 3 step directions

                Understands more complex vocabulary

                Displays listening comprehension

                Clearly pronounces words

                Express ideas

                Responds to questions with complete sentences and more complex vocabulary


Social and Emotional

                Displays confidence and independence in a school setting

                Expresses feelings and is aware of how actions affect self and others

                Follows rules

                Uses materials purposefully in cooperative play

                Follows adult direction

                Interacts appropriately with others by helping, sharing, and discussing

                Developing friendships

                Demonstates give and take interactions and is able to negotiate conflicts

                Demonstrates awareness of community helpers and community environment

Physical Health and Safety

                Demonstates hand eye coordination

                Shows fine motor dexterity and control

                Shows balance and control during loco-motor movements

                Uses large muscles to manipulate objects

                Demonstates independence in hygiene and nutrition

                Understands basic health and safety rules

Approuches to Learning

                Participates in a variety of task, completes task, and express curiosity about new activities

                Makes independent choices

                Willing to try new things

                Maintains concentration and interest despite distraction

                Excibits problem solveing skills and accepts a variety of answers

                Works with others

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