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Tuition and Fees

Rates change annually last updated March 2021

Infant - 18 Months

Enrollment $90 

Weekly Full Time Care $155

Part Time 3 days a week $110 

Part Time 2 days a week $80

18 Months - 36 Months 

Enrollment $90 

Weekly Full Time Care $140

Part Time 3 days a week $100 

Part Time 2 days a week $70

36 Months - Pre-K

Enrollment $90 

Weekly Full Time Care $130

Part Time 3 days a week $95 

Part Time 2 days a week $65

Summer Field Trip Fee $45

Financial Policy

School Age​

Enrollment $90

After School Rates

Weekly Full Time Care $50

Part Time 3 days a week $45

Part Time 2 days a week $30

Early Dismissal Days & Holidays $15 extra

Summer Care Rates

Weekly Full Time $115

Part Time 3 days a week $85 

Part Time 2 days a week $60

A NON-REFUNDABLE enrollment fee of $90.00 is required at the time of registration. Infants and toddlers also require a NON-REFUNDABLE supply fee of $30.00 for toddlers and $60.00 for infants.


Your first payment is to be made by the Friday preceding the Monday of the week in which your child starts attending childcare. Thereafter payments are due by Friday for the following week. If it is more convenient for you, payments may be made more than one week at a time, as long as your account is kept paid at least one full week in advance. Children Come First accepts checks, money orders, or cashiers checks.


The only weeks that will be prorated for children are the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


An absence credit is given for days a child is absent due to an inpatient hospitalization or days during which the child is admitted for a surgical procedure when: advance notice of the absence is given and documentation of the days of hospitalization is provided.


If you become 2 Weeks Delinquent in your payment, a $20 late fee will be applied and service will be denied, until you bring your account up to date or make arrangements with the program director. If it becomes necessary to use outside assistance in collecting the fees, you will be responsible for all attorney’s and legal fees.


We cannot accept children before 7:30 or keep them after 6:00 or when exclusion for illness is required by minimum standards. There is a charge of $5.00 for each 5-minute increment that a child is left in Children Come First before 7:30am, after 6:00pm or starting 30 minutes after parent notification of an illness. These charges will be added to your next bill. Repeated early or late care violations may result in termination of care.


If your child will be leaving Children Come First, you must inform us in writing at least one full work-week in advance. You will be responsible for payment until we receive one full week written notification.

If you wish for your child to return to Children Come First at a later date you may request to be placed on the waiting list. While we can not guarantee re-enrollment, we will work with your request whenever space allows; however, we can not accept re-enrollment the last week of summer.

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