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School Age Classroom


7:30   Self-interest time (Centers)

8:45   Outdoor play/ gym (games)

9:15   Hand washing

9:20   Morning Snack

9:40   Arts & Crafts

10:30 Clean-up/ Transition

10:40 Self-interest time

11:20 Clean up/hand washing

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Clean-up/hand washing

12:10 Quiet time

1:35   Outdoor educ./Science

2:25   Water break/hand washing

2:35   Group Activity

3:20   Clean-up/hand washing

3:35   Snack

3:50   Self Interest

4:35   Clean-up

4:45   Outdoor play/ gym (games)

Caregiver Ratios

Children Come First Standards



DFPS Minimum Standards



Special Events

Summer Picture Day 

Parents Celebration

Summer Field trips


    Yogi Bear Park

    Fire Station

    The Plex

    The MSU Planetarium

    Kemp Center for the Arts

    River Bend Nature Center 

    Movies and more

Kona Ice 

Learning Objectives

Children Come First focuses on helping children build their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

Our activities are based on the following beliefs:

•Children learn by doing

•Process is more important than product

•The creativity of each child must be encouraged

•All activities are also opportunities to help each child develop responsibility

•Assessments on all children are completed three times a year and discussed with parents

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